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Rodriguez’s father, Baudelio, planted the vineyard in 2005, but Elena took it to the next level with the creation of a brand that shares her family story through wine. Alumbra Cellars, which launched earlier this year, is the newest Latina label in Yamhill County. Rodriguez says that being a young business owner requires commitment and an important path to growth is learning from others in the industry.

“I hope that Alumbra brings more Latinos into the wine community, and wine industry as well,” she says. “Wine is a story that begins from the workers out in the vineyard to the tasting room. When we share our wine, I share our story. And when we take the time to listen to a story, it brings families, friends, and communities together.”

The best part of her job? “I get to wake up and walk the vineyard with my dogs as my first task of the day,” she says. “[That] really doesn’t get any better. I grew up on a farm, and I appreciate the outdoors, especially growing up in Oregon. Being able to be outside for most of my job is the best part for me.

BY JILL BARTH  Wine  Enthusiast  Magazine

Thank you Jill Barth and Wine Enthusiast Mag for sharing my story!
Thank you Jill Barth and Wine Enthusiast Mag for sharing my story!

Press Release

“Elena Rodriguez leads Yamhill Valley’s newest Latina label”.

THANK YOU TO ALL MY CUSTOMERS! Thank  you  to the Oregon Wine Press and  News register  for  telling  my  story.  I am a Mexican-American, born and raised in Oregon. My father is an  immigrant  from Durango, Mexico. I am a first generation farmer.    I never dreamed of farming, winemaking, or being a business owner.   Thank you for supporting me.

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